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Aberrant Sexual Behavior & Investigation (ASBI)

This NCAICA course is a 24-hour (3 day) course.  Topics of instruction will include:


Day 1: Normal Behaviors & Sexuality


On the first day, participants will learn about normal sexual behaviors and the history of sexology, from the Kinsey Studies through to today. They will explore sex, gender, and orientation (SOGIE), as well as child sexual development, love-mapping, and the erotic mold. Additionally, the course will cover the effects of pornography on children.

Day 2: Abnormal & Deviant Sexuality


On the second day, participants will focus on abnormal and deviant sexuality. They will learn about paraphilias and fetishes, psychological and personality disorders applicable to deviance, and internalizing and externalizing sexual behaviors. Additionally, the course will cover the objectification of women and children, as well as the effects of pornography on fueling deviant fantasies.


Day 3: Criminal Sexuality


On the final day, participants will explore the criminal aspects of sexual behavior. They will learn about propensity, precipitating factors, and stressors that contribute to criminal behavior, as well as offender psychology and grooming. The course will cover the use of checklists in investigations and will conclude with test/evaluations.

Overall, this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively recognize and investigate aberrant sexual behaviors. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped to make a real impact in combating criminal sexual behavior and holding offenders accountable.


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