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Let's empower each other!

The National Crimes Against Children Investigators Association (NCACIA) offers a Volunteer Program called "Protectors" designed for nonprofessionals, parents, and members of the community who are highly motivated to fight for a better future for children. Our Protectors program provides resources to spread information and awareness about child abuse issues and become civilian advocates for children.

As a Protector, you can share valuable information on child abuse issues with your social media followers, aid in fundraising efforts, and participate in events to promote awareness and increase our reach within the community. Our program provides Protectors with the necessary resources to help in these efforts and spread the NCACIA and our affiliate's message across the United States.

Join our community of Protectors and make a difference in the fight against child abuse. Our program empowers individuals to become advocates for children and make a positive impact in their communities. Visit our website to learn more about the Protectors program and become part of the solution in protecting children.


Protectors HomeNet is a specialized group tailored for parents, caregivers, and children within our community. This network provides a safe space for families to come together, share experiences, and access resources aimed at promoting a safe and nurturing environment for children. Through Protectors HomeNet, members can engage in discussions, seek advice, and participate in educational activities focused on preventing and addressing child abuse within the home. Join us in creating a supportive network where families can thrive and children can grow up happy and healthy.


Protectors CareNet is a vital resource for medical and mental health professionals committed to safeguarding the well-being of children. This network provides a collaborative space where healthcare providers can access training, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest developments in child abuse prevention and intervention. By joining Protectors CareNet, medical and mental health professionals can enhance their knowledge and skills, collaborate with colleagues, and play a crucial role in identifying and addressing cases of child abuse in their communities. Together, we can ensure that every child receives the care and support they deserve.

Protectors FaithNet is a faith-based, Christian group dedicated to mobilizing churches, church staff, pastors, and church members in the fight against child abuse. Grounded in Christian values of compassion and justice, Protectors FaithNet provides a platform for faith communities to come together, learn about child abuse prevention, and take action to protect the most vulnerable among us. Through prayer, education, and advocacy, members of Protectors FaithNet can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families, spreading hope and healing within their congregations and beyond.

Protectors EduNet is a dynamic community for daycare workers, school teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and PTA groups dedicated to promoting child safety and well-being in educational settings. Through Protectors EduNet, educators and childcare professionals can access resources, training modules, and peer support to create safe and nurturing environments where children can thrive. By becoming part of Protectors EduNet, members can learn effective strategies for preventing and responding to child abuse, empowering them to protect the students under their care and advocate for their rights.

Protectors LawNet is an essential network for judges, attorneys, and legal professionals committed to upholding justice and protecting children from abuse and exploitation. This group provides a platform for legal experts to collaborate, share expertise, and advocate for policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of children. Through Protectors LawNet, members can access legal resources, participate in training opportunities, and engage in advocacy efforts aimed at strengthening laws and systems designed to protect children. Together, we can ensure that the voices of vulnerable children are heard and their rights are upheld in the legal arena.

Protectors SportNet is a dynamic community for sporting leagues, coaches, teams, athletes, and extracurricular organizations dedicated to creating safe and supportive environments for young athletes. Through Protectors SportNet, members can access resources, training materials, and expert guidance to promote positive coaching practices, prevent abuse, and respond effectively to concerns within the sports community. By joining Protectors SportNet, sports leaders and organizations can demonstrate their commitment to child safety and integrity, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to participate in sports in a healthy and respectful environment. Together, we can champion the well-being of young athletes and foster a culture of respect, dignity, and safety in sports.

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