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The Anatomy and Expression of Violence (AEV)

This NCAICA course is a 40-hour (5 day) course. Topics of instruction will include:


The Anatomy and Expression of Violence (AEV) is a comprehensive 5-day course designed to provide a deep understanding of violence from biological, sociological, and psychological perspectives. Each day of this course is dedicated to a specific topic that builds upon the previous day's material, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of the different expressions of violence.

Day 1: Biology of Violence


The first day focuses on the biology of violence, including the evolutionary perspective regarding violence and the impact of the environment on violent evolution. This day also covers genetics, brain structures like the Amygdala and Hippocampus and their roles in violence and aggression, and the impact of diet and nutrition on violence. By the end of day 1, participants will have an understanding of the biological expression of violence and its effects on neurodevelopment and gene expression.


Day 2: Sociology of Violence


The second day delves into the sociology of violence and its impact on violent development. This day explores the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on violent development, household and community environments, and parenting styles. It also covers the sociological and biological expressions of violence and their impact on each other.


Day 3: Psychology of Violence 


The third day focuses on the psychology of violence, including attachment theory and its link to violence, narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and their link to violence. This day also covers the impact of psychopathy/sociopathy and personality disorder clusters on violent expression and how the psychological, sociological, and biological expressions of violence interact.


Day 4: Practical Expression


The fourth day provides a practical application of the previous days' topics, exploring sexual and physical violence, including the sexual development of sexual offenders, paraphilias and fantasy, and the development of deviance. Participants will also learn about the low emotional intelligence and poor self-image of violent offenders and how it leads to their rage expression and self-monitoring inabilities.

Day 5: Famous Cases 

The training concludes with a review of famous cases and examples, including serial killers with male and female victims, mass murderers, school shooters, spree killers, medical murderers, killer kids, and murdering mothers. Participants will also take a final test and evaluation.

Overall, The Anatomy and Expression of Violence (AEV) provides an in-depth look at violence and its many expressions, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of this critical topic.

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