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NCACIA Expert Certification Series

The National Crimes Against Children Investigators Association has developed the first certification program of its kind, to certify criminal investigators as Major Crimes Detectives with a specialization in Crimes Against Children. This certification program is called the CAC-MCD (Crimes Against Children, Major Crimes Detective). If an individual completes all 9 of these core courses within a 6 calendar year period, the National Crimes Against Children Investigators Association will award the investigator this certification, along with other notable benefits. The other benefits will include a lifetime free membership with the NCACIA, automatic admission into the NCACIA’s “Elite Professionals” group, and the investigator will be added to the list of expert witness resources that is maintained by the NCACIA.


Even if you or your organization choose not to seek the CAC-MCD certification, the NCACIA will still offer these courses, which are of the best possible caliber of training that you will receive anywhere in regard to the investigations of crimes against children. 

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