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Child Sexual Abuse Course (CSAC)

This NCAICA course is a 40-hour (5 day) course. Topics of instruction will include:


Day 1: Overview

On the first day, participants will learn about the statistics and framing of child sexual abuse. They will address myths and the investigative mindset. The course will also cover adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), child developmental traumas, the trauma experience, and victim psychology.

Day 2: Disclosure and Reporting


On the second day, participants will focus on the disclosure and reporting process. They will explore grooming, control tactics, and bad family dynamics. The course will cover the sexual abuse disclosure process, dynamics surrounding initial reporting, and forensic interviews. Additionally, participants will learn about child suggestibility, SANE exams, and more.

Day 3: Assessment and Investigation


On the third day, participants will learn about assessment and investigation. They will explore the assessment of outcries in forensic interviews, CBCA/RMT, segmentation and investigative planning, alternative hypotheses, and coaching. The course will also cover interview strategies for collaterals and intensive suspectology and due diligence searches.

Day 4: Evidence and Records Searches


On the fourth day, participants will focus on physical evidence and records searches. They will explore search warrants, physical evidence, interpretation of DNA and serological evidence, corroborative evidence searches, and more. Additionally, participants will learn about photography, demonstrative evidence, timelines, and family trees.

Day 5: Offender Psychology and Conclusion


On the final day, participants will learn about offender psychology and interviewing styles and strategies. They will explore arrest decisions, post-arrest investigations, and case presentation. The course will also cover juvenile justice considerations and conclude with a final exam and evaluations.

Overall, this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively investigate cases of child sexual abuse. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped to make a real impact in supporting victims and holding offenders accountable.


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