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Strategic Interviewing of Sexual and Violent Offenders (SISVO)

This NCAICA course is a 40-hour (5 day) course. Topics of instruction will include:

Day 1: Introduction and Statement Analysis

Day 1 of "Strategic Interviewing of Sexual and Violent Offenders" introduces the course and provides an overview of bad interviewing techniques and strategies. False confessions and wrongful convictions are discussed, and the combined use of corroboration, statement analysis, and evidence is covered. Statement Validity Analysis, Content Analysis, Linguistic Inquiry & Word Count, and Narrative Analysis are also explored.

Day 2: Assessing Personality and Communication

On Day 2, participants learn about criteria-based content analysis, reality monitoring tools, and the APOD method for personality assessments. The DISC method and Process Communication Model are discussed, along with personality disorders associated with violent and sexual offending. Behavioral profiling, suspect history, and assessment tools for those disorders are also covered.

Day 3: Body Language and Planning

Day 3 focuses on body language, including the lower and upper body, clusters and timing, mirroring, and mirror neurons. Participants learn about interview structure planning and preparation, interview introductions, rapport building, and corroboration in the initial interviewing phase through case elements, questions about grooming, and questions about power and control.

Day 4: Theme Development


On Day 4, theme development is discussed, including minimization, rationalization, cognitive dissonance, distortion, and domestic/intimate partner violence, adult sexual assault, child sexual abuse/exploitation, child physical abuse/death, and homicide.


Day 5: Practical Usage

Finally, Day 5 covers legal considerations such as Miranda warnings, language barriers, intelligence, and coercion. Participants learn about hedging words and phrases, qualified deniers, excessive non-relevant details, victim denigration and initiation, graduated admissions, circling back, and Freudian slips. The strategic introduction of evidence is also discussed.


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